Tuesday, October 24, 2006


story by Frank Prendergast
Xtra! Male prison rape fantasies can be a sign of good psychological health.”One of the theories is that people who are into rape fantasies or dominationand submissive type fantasies are, in fact, switching a psychological fear ofbeing dominated or hurt or humiliated or whatever and - by sexualizing it -turning it into something they have control over,” says Dr Paul Federoff, apsychiatrist at the Clarke Institute.And control may be gained by fantasizing about being dominated or dominating.For many gay men, jail provides the perfect backdrop for fantasy and erotica.The pen is all guy, all the time - and much more.”I think the fantasy of what prisons are like plays into that idea of a sortof military type of set-up in which there’s a lot of rules and regulations.And there’s a lot of control going in the way people behave towards eachother. …….. read the rest of the storey…..http://www.xtra.ca/site/toronto2/news/body4.shtm

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