Friday, March 30, 2007

Japan new Bombshell

In Japan, adult love dolls are called “Dutch Wives” dachi waifu ダッチワイフ but we’re not sure why this term or where this term came from. These dolls however are not inflatable dolls but use soft vinyl, urethane, and silicone to make them feel like real women. These state of the art dolls are priced around 600,000 yen and there is even demand for adult doll magazines, rental services and love doll hotels!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Most talk about...


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Joan Crawford A movie star

"Joan Crawford behaved like a star. Some do, some don't...You know, when Joan came on the set, somebody came on the set."
Rosalind Russell

"My first impression of Joan Crawford was of glamour. Glamour had nothing to do with aloofness or temperment, it had to do with friendliness, tremendous vitality and hard work, ambition and constant desire to improve her work, and to get knowledgeable about things that were
important to the work."
James Stewart

"Joan was a star in every sense of the word. She didn't remind you of it in any particular way. You just knew it. And you didn't think any less of her for it."
Henry Fonda

"Joan Crawford, as much as I dislike the lady, is a star."
Humphrey Bogart

What a star!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


LAST month I introduced you to the famous dog from the movie 'THE THIN MAN" here is some favorite clip of Asta.

"The Thin Man" was one of the most popular films of 1934, inspired five sequels, and was nominated for four Oscars (best picture, actor, direction and screenplay)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Birds do it, Bees do it.

Filmmakers recently went in search of homosexual wild animals as part of a National Geographic Ultimate Explorer documentary about the female's role in the mating game.They are discovering that homosexual and bisexual activity is not unknown within the animal kingdom.

Roy and Silo, two male chinstrap penguins at New York's Central Park Zoo have been inseparable for six years now. They display classic pair-bonding behavior—entwining of necks, mutual preening, flipper flapping, and the rest.

...The team caught female Japanese macaques engaged in intimate acts which, if observed in humans, would be in the X-rated category.

.Whether it's a good idea or not, it's hard not make comparisons between humans and other animals, especially primates. The fact that homosexuality does, after all, exist in the natural world is bound to be used against people who insist such behavior is unnatural.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Definitive 200

NARM And The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Release The Definitive 200 List After months of speculation, the official list of the 200 albums and soundtracks that comprise the Definitive 200 list has finally been unveiled. The Definitive 200 is co-sponsored by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), which represents over 7,000 music stores in the U.S., and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Beatles' massively influential "St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" tops the list, followed by "Dark Side of The Moon" by Pink Floyd, "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin IV" and U2's "Joshua Tree." "The Definitive 200 urges people to remember that most of their favorite songs are part of a unique art form, the album," said NARM President Jim Donio. "In an era when record stores and album sales are somewhat embattled, NARM thought it was the perfect time to release this list, and have retailers promote these great, classic albums. There are no "Greatest Hits" or "Best Of" compilations. We are reminding folks what we already know to be true: albums, just like record stores, aren't going anywhere!"

Sunday, March 04, 2007

HOT or NOT ???

Star Of the month "Greta Garbo"

"There are some who want to get married and others who don't. I have never had an impulse to go to the altar. I am a difficult person to lead"
Greta Garbo
  • When Greta Garbo arrived Hollywood . Louis B. Mayer informed Her director \Mentor\ Boyfriend Mouritz Stiller " American Men Don't like Fat Women" She lost her weight as well as stiller whose career was dried up as her soared. She refused to return to Sweden with him.

  • On her arrival in Hollywood in late 1925, Garbo was sent to Max Factor seeking 'make-up dramatization' for her first American screen test. Of the early Garbo, Factor said, "She has natural eyelashes more lovely than any artificial lashes I can supply.

  • She was Adolf Hitler Favorite Actress.

  • Garbo And Marlene Dietrich shared a Lesbian lover, The socialite Mercedes De Acosta.

  • At Mayer 's insistence She agreed to appeared in a premiere of Camille . She wore her pajamas under her fur coat , Waved to her fans walk out to the door without bothering watching the film.

  • In "Ninotchka," Garbo gave a brilliant comedy performance in one of MGM's best pictures to date. Louis B. Mayer sent her a huge bunch of flowers on the first day of shooting; she returned it without a word.

  • The appeal of Garbo was androgynous and enormous: at the peak of her success she was reputed to receive ninety thousand letters a month, 80 percent of them from women.

  • Except at the very beginning of her career, she granted no interviews, signed no autographs, attended no premieres, and answered no fan mail.
  • Garbo First talkie Anna Christie ,was highly publicize by MGM with the promo line "Garbo Talks!!!!" Her first Comedy "Ninotchka" Was dub " Garbo Laugh !!" When " Camille" was released. Some suggested the ad should read " Garbo Coughs!!"