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Wife Vs.Secretary (1936) is a good movie and fans of old movies will enjoy seeing Gable, Harlow, and Loy share the screen.

In this story, Clark Gable plays a president of a publishing empire, who is in love with his wife, played by Myrna Loy. Gable has a secretary, played by Jean Harlow, who becomes an indispensable part of his company.Gable and Harlow's relationship is perfectly innocent, but neither can see how their secret conversations. PLus their closed door meetings are raising everyone's eyebrow (Myrna Loy's included). Loy's character first has no question about Gable and Harlow working late at night until her friends and family member put seeds of doubt on Gable and Harlow's relationship. Even though she tries to put faith and trust in their relationship but situations put her trust into doubt.

Did you know??

According to a news item in Hollywood Reporter William Powell was announced as the male lead in the picture.

This was the first film made by Loy after her return to work at M-G-M following a highly publicized salary dispute with M-G-M ($250,000 extra Bonus from Mr. Myer for returning to screen) .

Jean Harlow'd begged for a role that didn't require spouting slang and modeling lingerie. She even convinced them to darken her hair a shade, in hopes of toning down that brash image.

Myrna Loy recalls working with Jean Harlow and the rest of the cast on Wife vs. Secretary "Jean, supposedly the other woman, stayed very proper, while I had one foot in bed throughout. That's the sexiest wife I've ever played"

Daytime wife (1939)
Linda Darnell and Tyrone Power are married, and she suspects, against her will, that he's cheating on her with his secretary.(in this movie He 's really cheating) if I were married to someone who looked like Tyrone Power, I wouldn't let him out of my sight. Anyway, She takes a job as a secretary to find out why a man is drawn to a woman other than his wife. She's able to deftly turn the tables on Power when he's involved in a business deal with her boss (Warren William) and they all wind up at a nightclub - William, Darnell, Power, and his secretary, played by Wendy Barrie.

Did you know??

According to a Twentieth Century-Fox press release, Zanuck was so impressed by Darnell's performance that he decided to give her credit over the title, though it was only her second film.

Other press releases claim that filming was scheduled to conclude on Friday, the 13th, but associate producer Raymond Griffith insisted that it end the next day, for superstitious reasons

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