Thursday, February 01, 2007

staircase (1969)

when Julius Caesar and Marc Antony fighting to be a Queen..

Charlie (Harrison) and Harry (Burton) have been roommates, business partners and intimates for many long years, and their convoluted mutual dependency is every bit as complicated as that between any aged but incompatible couple who have grown used to one another over the years.

Did you know??

Elizabeth Taylor was shooting The Only Game in Town (1970) at the same time as working on this production. That film is set in Las Vegas, but Taylor demanded that director George Stevens shoot it in France so she could be close to her lover, Richard Burton, who was filming Staircase (1969) in France with director Stanley Donen. The budget of Only Game in Town, The (1970) grew higher than most large-scale, high-profile films that Fox was producing at the time. Ironically, the production of Staircase (1969) was moved to France to save money

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