Saturday, April 07, 2007

Autumn Leaves ****

One of my favorite movie theme is the older woman with a younger lover (Sunset Blvd.“ and “The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone) Joan Crawford play A lonely spinster is seduced into a romance with a man 20 years younger. Once married, their lives come unhinged when the young man begins to have a psychotic breakdown.Fine performances from Joan Crawford and Cliff Robertson give this taught drama more emotional resonance than might be expected from the plot summary. Crawford is superb - all huge eyes and trembling lips, she makes the relationship with Robertson's character believable and moving and also very real. Their characters are clearly very close sexually; whether he's nuzzling her neck as they dance or they're nuzzling in bed, Burt and Millie are obviously turned on by each other and sincerely like each other. Burt's boyish charm lightens Millie considerably, just as her common sense and responsiveness to him give him much-needed assurance. Very Romantic but the same time Robert Aldrich direction (what ever happen to baby jane?, Hush Hush sweet charlotte) give a movie creepy feel.

Joan Really like working with Robertson she said “It was an intense and happy working relationship.... (I'm proud to say I coached him from all the research I'd done for “Possessed.“) Good story, believable characters, good script, good acting, consequently a good film...”

Also When Miss Crawford uttered that famous line, “And you, you slut!“ it made my day..Totally.

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