Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Joan crawford is Harriet Craig

Joan Crawford was Letty Lynton ,Sadie McKee, Mildred Pierce,Daisy Kenyon but I have a feeling that Harriet Craig might be the character that close to herself the most.

Harriet is a woman who leaves a successful career to enjoy domestic bliss with electrical engineer Walter. A thoroughly selfish woman who prizes her house and her possessions . She's one of those women who is going to “have it all”--but in her own special way.

Harriet Craig is the third film version of George Kelly's Pulitzer Prize-winning play Craig's Wife. “Directed by Vincent Sherman, **Who just directed her previous film The Damned Don't Cry . Sherman was the first, but not the last, to see the similarities between Harriet Craig and Joan Crawford. As he recalled in his 1996 autobiography, Studio Affairs, "I realized that in many ways, she was the embodiment of Harriet Craig...in her obsessive attitude toward her home; her distrust of men [because she had been abandoned by her father] and her desire to control; her power of manipulation; and her concept of the proper way for a man to behave toward his wife."

Crawford's performance in Harriet Craig earned her some of her best reviews since Mildred Pierce. the New York Herald Tribune agreed."The film gives authentic movie star Joan Crawford an opportunity to command the camera's attention through an authentic star role. She remains, as always, a stylish performer in her clear and forceful characterization....Her vehicle may be somewhat laborious but it is steady enough to carry Miss Crawford's act”*
* TCM.com

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Anonymous said...

i love joan crawford!

But i think "Queen bee" is more like her than Craig.