Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day on chart

Doris Day was arguably the most popular actress . She was in top ten money maker for 10 years ( only Elizabeth Taylor and Betty Grable can achieved that status BUT Doris Day is the only one who spend NO. 1 for for 4 years). Such a popularity people may overlooked her career as a singer. In term of charts success as a singer . She had 5 No.1 single and 56 top 40 hits .Here is her US. #1

" sentimental Journey" (9 weeks)
"My dreams are getting better all the time" (7 weeks)
"love somebody" (5 weeks)
"Secret Love" (4 weeks)
"A Guy Is A Guy" (1 week)

Surprisingly, two of Day's most popular song did hit the top spot "it's Magic" peak #2 . 1956 "What ever will be (Que' Sera ,Sera)" held No.2 for three weeks and spend more than a couple month on top 5 . It was kept from top spot from by that year's most popular hit , Elvis Presley " Don't be Cruel / Hound Dog"

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Mary ANne Barothy said...

Doris Day is one incredible Lady and I had the good fortune of knowing her, working for her and living with her while she was filming "THe Doris Day SHow" at CBS in the 70s.

My tribute to Doris is in my new book:

An Indiana Girl's Sentimental Journey To Doris Day's Hollywood and Beyond

from Hawthorne Publishing

Unlike many books written about Doris and her career, mine takes the reader up-close and personal of what it was like to know, work for and live with America's Sweetheart and screen legend, Doris Day.

Thank you for your tribute to her. She is one Great Lady!

Mary Anne Barothy