Saturday, May 27, 2006

Did You Know??

Lana Turner
owned fifty percent of the net profits of 'Imitation of Life,' her comeback movie. The film grossed eleven million dollars the first year alone. Though Elizabeth Taylor would make headlines three years later when she was paid a breathtaking one million dollars to make 'Cleopatra,' Lana's earnings from 'Imitation of Life' handily topped that.

Nivea Cream: A cosmetic cream that is used primarily for dry skin. Although Lana Turner could afford the worlds most costliest beauty creams (and even endorsed one or two), she swore by this stuff and used it each and every night before she went to bed. She also used an industrial strength scoring powder called (of all things) Borax, which was used to clean greasy hands. When Lana told actress Kathryn Grayson about the Boraxo, she became angry with Lana and accused her of trying to sabotage her face. Get some Nivea today and you too can look like Lana Turner!

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