Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stars of the month " Linda darnell"

Linda Darnell was called by Hollywood wags as "the girl with the perfect face", The answer of MGM 's Lana Turner to Fox and for once the description fit. Her cameo-cut china doll face was enough to ensure stardom in glamor-obsessed 1940s Hollywood; surely Darnell could easily fit into the top ten most beautiful women the screen has ever known. And as she matured, her voice deepened into a torchy that added intensity to the eventual siren image.

At age 13, she was appearing with local theater companies. Hollywood scouts, on a routine visit to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, were impressed enough to set up a screen test for her, but they soon discovered she was too young. Linda used that time to further build up her acting chops through more local theater appearances, returning to California in 1939 to debut in A Hotel For Women.

Film number three, made in 1940, marked her signature hit, Star Dust. More classic films were produced, such as Blood And Sand, and Rise And Shine. In 1945 Linda played Netta Longdon in Hangover Square, which performed solidly at the box-office. She followed that up with an appearance opposite Lillian Gish in Centennial Summer.

Other fan favorites followed, including My Darling Clementine with Henry Fonda and Victor Mature, Forever Amber with Cornel Wilde, Blackbeard The Pirate with Robert "Long John Silver" Newton, Stars as "Tuptim" in"Anna and The king of Siam" with Rex harrison ,Blood and sand , Mask Of Zorro with Tyrone Power and the bittersweet A Letter To Three Wives opposite Paul Douglas. But the demands of a successful career led to a rocky personal life for her, resulting in three divorces over the years.

On April 10, 1965, Linda died of burns she suffered in the house fire of her former secretary. Ironically, she had been watching STAR DUST on television earlier that evening, which was one of the films that set her career in motion. She had filmed a total of 46 movies. Often described as the "girl with the perfect face", Linda died at the age of 41.


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