Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Leave her to Heaven ****1/2

Leave her to heaven was one of the fabulous movie I've seen lately. It's one of the rare noir type that has a color in it . It also one of the most beautiful orgasmic color cinematography every been in a history of cinema.

" Leave Her to Heaven shares a closer kinship to Michael Powell’s British-made Black Narcissus (1947), where color similarly acts as a breathing character amidst turgid, denied emotions of lust, covetousness, dislocation, and death. If it sparks a memory of Douglas Sirk’s lush dramas, there’s a reason. Stahl directed Imitation of Life and Magnificent Obsession in the 1930s. Sirk remade both in the 1950s."

"The success of Leave Her to Heaven belongs foremostto Gene Tierney. She was much more than Hollywood’s most beautiful overbite. She had the preternatural ability to be alluring and icy at the same time; she could change emotional colors with magnificent yetsubtle clarity. Wasn’t she sweet and warm a moment ago? Maybe, but now she’s ready to kill. She was at the top of her game in Leave Her to Heaven,and alongside Laura, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Heaven Can Wait,and The Razor’s Edge, she amassed a list of credits to stack against any
others of the late 1940s."

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