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In the whole hectic history of Hollywood, there have been two great romances which became public property: the Greta Garbo-Leopold Stokowski entente and the Lana Turner-Tyrone Power love affair.

Garbo turned Stokowski down, only to watch him marry the fabulously wealthy Gloria Vanderbilt; and Tyrone Power called it quits with Lana to return temporarily to his wife Annabella, who is shrewd, intelligent, and older than he.

Lana Turner wanted to get married. Tyrone Power did not. By the time he had returned from his round-the-world flight, he had fallen out of love with Lana. In being married to Annabella, Tyrone has helped raise a ten-year-old stepdaughter, fathered by a man he never knew.

If he married Lana, he would have to help raise Cheryl, another stepdaughter, fathered by Steve Crane.

Tyrone is no exception.

Other reasons for the breakup with Lana are these; a woman in Ty’s life comes second to his career. That’s true of all men. Their work is of paramount importance. As for Lana, love comes first, and her career comes second.

Moreover, as regards background, there’s a tremendous difference between Ty’s and Lana’s. Ty is an actor by heritage, training, disposition, intent. Lana is an actress by luck, circumstances, fortune, and accident.

Lana is volatile, emotional, intuitively perceptive. Ty is logical, methodical, and formally educated.

Actually, they have little in common but screen careers. And marriage between two screen stars usually ends in divorce.

To Lana, on the other hand, personal romance meant everything. “The biggest mistake Lana made,” one of her closest friends recently revealed, “was when she let Ty get out of her sight. Girdling the globe by air, it seems, always cools Tyrone Power off.

by Monica MacKenzie
Movieland, Mar 1948

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