Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Good doctor

07 Good Doctor.mp3

Robbie Williams - Good doctor

Can we do it again

Take that, take that

You alright star
No star
You alright star
You alright star
No star
I don ´t feel proper

[1st Verse]
I went to the dr to get a prescription
I told him little fact and lots of fiction
About a bad back that I ain´t got
He tried to sell me faith healing
But I think not
I want Xanax, Vicadin and Oxycotton
Funky fill the form out
So I can drop em´
I´ve got all these demons
And I can´t stop em´
To tell you the truth Doc
I might have a problem
Robert Williams take one adoral with water in the morning
As if I´m goin´ to take one tablet I´m Keith Moon
Dick head

[Chorus 2]
He said this one´s to take you up
Wow how
He said this one´s to take you down
When I take um I don´t feel sound
And I look rather... Round

[2nd Verse]
You know what Doc its alright and all
I just heart me leg its not terminal
But a pain killer could help for whats wrong with my knee
And I´m a little bit down from too much T.
Got me own collection can´t get an erection
If I take em´ too long they´ll fuck me complextion
That´s right If I take em for like more than a few days I get that haunted look

Give me loads of pills
Give me loads of pills
Give me loads of pills
Give me loads of pills

[Chorus 3]

Now if you go to the barber shop long enough then you´re goina´ get a hair cut
And if go to the doctors regular, then you gots to be a fuck up
Well I´ve got 5 or 6 if I´m at a loss
Do I have a history of drug abuse, well I never tick that box
And I now that some of you are going to be really really cross
The drug´s stop working so prescription pills are boss
The glory days are gone and we´ve all stopped havin´ it
No raves no more just bedside cabinet
Sleepers are great but don´t start dabbing it
The world carries on spinning we´re mad in it
Take that, take that

Know what doc, it´s not like I´ve been doin´ any research or anything
But if you can give me any of the following pills
I´d be very very greatful cos I feel poorly
So that´s
Work with me antidepressants
But not Saint Johns Wort
Cos I can get that at

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