Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ace Young "That's All"

you have to admit, it'd be kind of poetic for Ace to end his Idol run with a song called ''That's All.'' plus lastnight the Sumo wrestler ponytail he had going on. That was *incredibly* distracting, and not in a good way
Here is unofficial Vote
Taylor Hicks 30.7m
Elliott Yamin 30.2m
Katharine McPhee 27.7m
Kellie Pickler 27.1m
Chris Daughtry 25.4m
Paris Bennett 24.3m
Ace Young 20.5m
So Glad to see Chiris in Bottom 3 but Kellie is not is kinda annoying because she was the worst last night .

Elliott NO.2 surprise but happy for him .
Taylor Hicks was NO.1 last night I think he's got a lot of boots from SNL .plus last night performance was really good.

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