Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MGM's Latin Lover Pt. 2 "Fernando Lamas"

As one of MGM's resident Latin Lovers during the 1950s, Lamas got all the parts for which Ricardo Montalban was unavailable. Or was it vice versa? In any event, he was already a screen star in Argentina (since 1942) when Metro brought him to Hollywood in 1951. A supporting role in Rich, Young and Pretty marked his American screen debut, and his costarring turn with Lana Turner in the 1952 remake of The Merry Widow established him as a popular leading man. The following year the athletic star was cast opposite Esther Williams in Dangerous When Wet which led to an off-screen romance and marriage. Lamas' arched eyebrows and tightlipped mouth suggested a hint of cruelty that producers didn't properly exploit; he should have played more heavies. Did You know?
He 's a
Father of Lorenzo Lamas and a Grandfather of A.J. Lamas.
Married Arlene Dahl (25 June 1954 - 1960) (divorced) 1 child and Esther Williams (31 December 1969 - 8 October 1982) (his death)

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