Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Best American Idol ever

Last night watching American Idol was really joyful . All of the contestant were amazing . I like Paris performance "These foolish thing" very Dinah Washington. Kathy Mcfever effortless performance of 'Someone who watch over me " is amazing! But my favorite performance was the grey hair Taylor Hicks in a Sam Cook version of " you send me" Just Blew me away!!! Soul Patrol!!! woh

Did you know??????????
Well, if you want a commercial spot in the final episode of American Idol this season, you'll have to pay $1.3 million to get it.That is the figure that was announced today. This is one of the highest spots ever for a final episode. However, some are saying some advertisers have deals with Idol that will lower that cost by at least half.
Read last night recap from EW Here

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