Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kim Novak something you might know

her home was destroyed not once, but twice -- the first time by a mudslide in the sixties, which cost her her Picasso collection as well as much of her own work, and the second time by fire, in July 2000, which destroyed her collection of movie scripts and memorabilia, and the computer containing her unfinished autobiography. (She has never finished it.)

n the late-'30s she won a beauty contest at fifteen and was named Snow Queen of the winter carnival at the Chicago Naval Training Center. Before she was discovered by the studios, she worked as a model and had to demo iceboxes as "Miss Deepfreeze of 1953."

She was romantically linked with Cary Grant, playboy Aly Khan, and at least half the Rat Pack -- Frank, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Peter Lawford. Her controversial affair with Sammy had to be hushed up. Late in '57 Cohn was furious when word leaked of her affair with Sammy Davis, Jr. In early January '58 in Vegas, Jerry Lewis filled in at a show for Sammy because Sammy was supposedly in Chicago proposing to Kim. Cohn was terrified that rumors of the explosive relationship would ruin his top star's career, she later said her agent told her she'd be finished in Hollywood if she kept seeing Sammy. When she didn't back down, supposedly Cohn hired some thugs to take Sammy out into the desert and threaten him, though this story is unconfirmed.

December 57 Cohn learns about her affair with Sammy Davis, Jr. News of the scandal spreads throughout Hollywood like wildfire; Cohn suffers his first heart attack.

actor James Stewart once said about her: "Kim Novak was so darned serious on Vertigo. She came up to Hitchcock and said, 'About the next scene, I'd like to go over it with because I'm not sure of the reason for the motivation that I have in dealing with the problem that I have,' and Hitchcock just looked at her and said, 'Kim, it's only a movie!'"

27 February 58 Cohn dies of a heart attack after receiving clippings of the Kim-Sammy scandal

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