Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pete Kuzak/Scott Peters where is he now?

Pete Kuzak/Scott Peters on Landscapers' Challenge

He was one of the biggest "Colt" star Still look hot without steroid


Anonymous said...

I want to know more about him and what he's doing today

Anonymous said...

I heard from someone who knew him from his days as a landscaper in Westlake Village...that he moved to India to pursue a spiritual path.

Wild, huh?

David said...

I Found His Email on the that Home Repair Channel..

He Only Respondes to Landscaping Questions.
So Asked if He still dos Landscaping??
I got a Reply ASking for a Plan of Some kind..

But Have Not Heard back on Asking about Tie Wall Replacement??


Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited.
He is not even in California any longer.
Although he will pick up messages left on the Landscape line - his primary concern is more of an educational nature these days.