Monday, July 03, 2006

My best friend...WEDDING!!!!

My friend Kris Just Announced his engagement last week . I couldnÂ’t be more thrill. ......Too bad I canÂ’t be a maid of honor .

“Last Sunday my boyfriend asked me about our relationship. I said I love him then he took me to jewelry shop near our house to pick our ring. It is with gold with plain style which is match with my boyfriend’s personality. Of course he paid for mine and I paid for his. I’ve been planning so many wedding and engagement party for someone else so this is a good time that I will plan a small engagement party for myself. It is going to be small cocktail party with about 30-40 guests at the private beach in small Island near Koh Samui called Koh Nang Yuan.
The reason that he gives me the ring because he wants the commitment which I already give it to him."

So you guy please don’t laugh for this. I know I’ve been engaged so many times because my life is like Lana Turner “I wanted to have one husband with ten kids but turn out I have ten husbands with no kid”


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