Saturday, January 19, 2008

DIANE (1956) ***

Diane (1956)
Starring: Lana Turner, Pedro Armendáriz Director: David Miller .

At Castro theatre A couple week a go I had a chance to see one of Lana Turner least well-known MGM movie DIANE . It’ not suppose to be on schedule . But the Print of Elisabeth Taylor “the VIP” has a technical problem . So they replace DIANE instead .

Lana Play Diane de Poitiers who was a noblewoman and a fixture at the courts of Francis I and Henri II of France. She became notorious as the latter's favorite courtesan, though she was 18 years his senior.

Also in the movie Roger Moore (one of his pre James Bond ) was a good choice of Henry II . I have to admit that the movie is a lot better than I thought . It show that My girl Lana can really act. Notable mention was a beautiful score by Miklos Rozsa and a wonderful costume by Walter Plunkett (Gone with the wind , Raintree Contree ) I mean just only costume is already worth the ticket.


  • DIANE was Lana Turner's last film on her MGM contract.
  • DIANE was a property that MGM had been holding since the 1930's, when they had purchased it for Greta Garbo

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