Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not the girl next door

Charlotte Chandler became one of my favorite writer & Biographer these days . "A girl who walk home alone" was he best Bette Davis Biography I 'd read yet. I recently just pick up a copy of " Ingrid" last week . But the book that I 'm waiting to be release is "Not the Girl Next Door: Joan Crawford, a Personal Biography"( release on February 5th) .

After Christina Crawford publish a bestselling memoir, Mommie Dearest,Crawford was portrayed as an abusive mother who had no understanding of, nor feeling for, her children. it became a movie, the book permanently destroy crawford reputation . But Chandler finds another truth in conversations with Cathy Crawford, who told her, “Our Mommie was the best mother anyone ever had.”

“In her biographies, Charlotte Chandler brings warm objectivity to a field dominated by cold subjectivity.” -- Michelangelo Antonioni

“Charlotte Chandler’s Not the Girl Next Door illuminates what it meant to be a movie star in the golden age of stardom. This is a story of the Hollywood that was, and is no more.” -- David Brown

“The former Lucille LaSueur’s story may never have been better told.” -- Booklist

“Charlotte Chandler shares the life of her subject, and then she shares it with the reader.” -- Sidney Sheldon

After reading Charlotte Chandler’s book, I found myself wishing Joan Crawford had lived next door to me.” -- Arthur Hiller

Pick up NOT THE GIRL NEXT DOOR at your nearest book store or buy it at amazon

CHARLOTTE CHANDLER is the author of several biographies of actors and directors, among them Groucho Marx, Ingrid Bergman, Federico Fellini, Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, and Bette Davis. She is a member of the board of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Chandler is active in film preservation and lives in New York City

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