Monday, January 21, 2008

My Journey from Cloverfield to 27 dresses

Last night I was so eager to see one of the most participated monster movie this year "Cloverfield" opent this weekend at 43 million. So I bought a ticket at the theatre waiting eagerly . Theatre was Pack .I thought it would be fun...
The first 1o minutes or so of “Cloverfield” takes us to the going-away party thrown for a dude who has to move to japan . Then the monster attack . Then they run .The movie try to be cool by filming a whole movie in hand-held style cam. But the guy who suppose to be the one who hold the cam , not only try to talk stupid geeky joke but also didn't know how to hold a camera .The result is a lot of people feeling dizzy (I am one of them) . After 20 minute I saw a few people start to walk out . So I following them . One I stand up I feel horrible. On my way out i went straight to the first trash I saw and start to puke (Nasty Huh?)

After a little clean up in the restroom . I feel really up set and hurt by this A budget B-movie . So I decide to sneak in to the near by theatre to see pleasantly but predictable romantic comedy "27 dresses "

I have no idea who Katherine Heigl is . But I'm sure Ed Burn was hot. I'd nerver like James Marsden but I have to admit that he was really adorable in this movie . As I said the movie was cute but predictable . It's kind of a movie that you can wait for DVD .Not much to say.

After movie was over I was back to cloverfild again . I thought I'm just gonna give this movie another chance .. the result another throw up ..YIKE

Colverfield *
27 dresses **1/2

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Anonymous said...

Heigl...Emmy Award winning actress...Golden Globe nominated twice...Grey's Anatomy biggest show on TV...Knocked Up..the summers biggest comedy..still not ringing any bells?