Monday, January 07, 2008

NOT just any woman

" I wasn't working that day so I came to the studio very well dress ( I thought) in slack with my hair back and a scarf around it. LB look at me turn absolutely red , and told me to go back home and dress the way a star should be seen in public, and never appear looking the way just ' any woman" would. So I numbly let his driver take me home and come back an hour later looking absolutely elegant . I never again appear in public , at least consciously looking like " just any woman" . To this day some little or big voice inside of me says " Joan Go out there looking like a star " and I'm damn uncomfortable when i don't"

"In my Metro Years I think more money was spent on my wardrobe ,per movie, than on the script. Watch the credit of the older movies and see how prominently name like Irene , jean louis , Edith Head and above all Adrien , appear . But , obviously , it was something public wanted. "

"The Crawford wardrobes had some practical application because they could be copies so easily , all the way down to Mainboocher to sears. So variety reason I became conscious of the way i dressed, even in private.

But doesn't every woman love well designed clothes, and to know that she can afford them? The feel good fabrics , the confidence that comes with knowing you're wearing a Jean Louis or an Adrian rather than a May company off the rack?? and Furs ? And Jewels??"

"God dammit , if people want to see Joan crawford the star they were going to see Joan crawford the star ,not character actress in blue jeans . They paid their money and they were going to get their money 's worth. If all sound like snobbery or affection -it isn't . In my day a star owed the public a continuation of the image that made her a star in the first place"

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