Monday, October 31, 2005

Dead or Alive?

They're still alive!!!!

Here are some picture of those who turn 85 or more this year . Among them there' re

Oscar winner Luise Rainer (95), ) Karl Malden (93), Jane Wyman (91), Olivia De’havilland (89), Joan Fontaine(88),Red Buttons (88), Jack Palance(88),Jennifer Jones(86),Celeste Holm (86) Mickey Rooney(85)

Oscar Nominees: Gloria Stuart (95), Kirk Dauglas (88)

Also there’s oscar winer’s husband Carlo Ponti (92, AKA Mr. Sopia Lauren) Oscar Nominee ‘s husband, Fasion designer Oleg Cassini (92 AKA.Mr. Gene Tierney) Mel Ferrer (88 AKA Mr. Audrey Hepburn) and some who never nominate like Director Vincent Sherman (99), Huge star of silent films Anita Page (95), Singer Frankie Lane (92), Tony Martin (92), Wine Maker Robert Mondavi (92), Fitness Guru Jack Lalanne, Mr.President Gerald Ford (92), and his wife Betty (88) Glen Ford (89) Van Johnson (89), Zsa Zsa Gabor, June Allyson (88), Maurleen O’ hara(86)
See the complete list at "Dead or Alive? - People Alive Over 85"

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