Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Star of the month Agnes Moorehead

Last month I got one movie that just release on DVD. "Hush Hush sweet charlotte" starring Bette Davis and one of my favorite actress Miss Olivia De Havilland. A lot of poeple must have heard a story behind the making of this movie. I'm not going to talk about it today. Anyway it has introduced me to one damn good actress name Agnes Moorehead. In the same day i was watching TCM and they show 2 of a classic Douglas Sirk film " Magnificent Obsession" and "all that Heaven allows" the movie that inspire Julian Moore "Far From Heaven" which has Miss Moorehead co star (her part was Jane Wyman best friend (same as Patricia Clarkson in far from heaven) I was like " Who a hell is Agnes Moorehead. Then I found out that she is a 4 times academy award nominee. Appearing in number of a classic such as Citizen Kane (as Mrs. Kane) "the macnificent Amberson" "Dark Passage" "Jane eyre" Show Boat" she also plays a mother of Elizabeth Montgomory in a TV series "bewiched" She is a October Jayspace star of the month.. Miss Agnes Moorehead .........What a character.

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