Monday, October 03, 2005

welcome to Jayspace

Hi you guys. October is start with Castro Street Fair. I was too drunk, so I was unable to take a picture this year, there's nothing change from last year anyway. This year with an absent of Kris. Miss slut 20o5 belong to Pap with at lease 15 vote from castro fair beating "me "the first runner up only 8 vote this year. Sachi and Sean come up with 5 and 4 vote respectively. Let me predict next year winner.... you right he becomming Miss Venesuela of a Slut world Pap will crowd miss slut for at lease a decade unless kris come back to sanfrancisco.

For alot of people who ask me for a picture of White Night (Sean "sissy" Comb's Party) I have it posed today. There's not many picture. I Know I was supposed to be a photographer but I was too drunk (what's new??) Ok Ok I promise i'll be a sober photographer next time (yeah Right.)

We still not decide that we going to do anyting on Halloween but if you guys have any idea what we should be this year maybe we 'll do it.

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