Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

Well I’m not talking about Barbra Streisand new cd. I’m actually talking about one of the worst film I ever seen from one of the great female personality of all time. Miss Joan Crawford.

Straitjacket is a non-stop thrill ride of unintentional hilarity, cheap effects, and a conclusion so ridiculous that it’s impossible to call a movie. Crawford, at the time of filming a was 60 years of age, asks us to believe that she’s 29, that is before she takes an axe to her cheating husband and his cheap lover. She then returns to the fold after two decades in a mental hospital, and then asks us to believe that she’s still only 49.

In a movie full of great moments, such as Granny Crawford shamelessly flirting with her daughter boyfriend--a young man at least 35 years her junior (oops!!) or when she comes clean about her past to the bitchy mother of her daughter’s boyfriend: “It was an asylum! And it was twenty years of hell! It was HELL!”

But the best part is when I learn that the role of Joan’s doctor was played by the then V.P. of Pepsi Cola, who was cast because Ms. Joan ruled the set with an iron fist (and wanted publicity for her late husband's company). As a result he gave the most memorable, wooden performance. (I guess it should call Raspberry worthy performance)

A whole movie is really fucked up. My sister keeps complaining every 35 second but we end up had a great time. I keep talk about this movie all day. Two Thumps up

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