Saturday, January 14, 2006

Crash Might upset Mountain !!!

Entertainment Weekly's |: "After being largely snubbed in December's Golden Globe nominations -- a critical point in the Oscars race -- 'Crash' has bounced back in a flurry of critics awards and film industry honors since last week.

The film earned Critics Choice Awards on Monday night for its screenplay, co-written by Haggis, and for its ensemble cast. Last week, Haggis picked up a prestigious Directors Guild of America nomination for his work on the film, as well as a Writers Guild of America nomination for the screenplay.

The film also had three nominations from the Screen Actors Guild and a nod for best picture from the Producers Guild of America.

'Last week's sweep of the guild nominations by 'Crash' was absolutely the catalyst for this extensive mailing,' said Ortenberg, whose studio gained notice in 2004 with its release of Michael Moore's political documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'

The surge in recognition for 'Crash' also has led some pundits to count the film as a major rival of critical darling 'Brokeback Mountain' in the battle for a best picture Oscar.

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