Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SAG. Lifetime achievement

USATODAY.com - O-Factor: "The Screen Actors Guild just announced that Jamie Lee Curtis will present the life achievement award to Shirley Temple Black at its annual awards show later this month.

SAG reps say Curtis was chosen at the request of Black, who admires Curtis' screen work and her side career as a children's book author."

Shirley Temple was certainly one of the biggest box office stars in the world (and she was only a child at the height of her fame). But that was during The Great Depression. Her last venture in entertainment was a children's story hour on television that started in the late 1950

When Black left Hollywood, she pursued a life in public service as a United Nations delegate in 1969, an ambassador to Ghana in 1974, a foreign affairs officer at the State Department in the 1980s and ambassador to the Czech and Slovak republics.

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