Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jody Jody Jody

“Dance music has a lot of soul, not just the cold techno stereotype. I'm blending the warmth and musicality of jazz & rhythm & soul, with danceable grooves...and as always, my lyrical take on life and love. I'm inclined to present a more "boutique" approach to making music now.I've adapted the notion that I want to appeal to the music fan looking for something more eclectic and unique."

Jody Watley

Jan. 19-21 -"Songs in the Key of My Life!" Jody WatleyA Special Engagement- The Empire PLUSH Room San Francisco Note: This will not be your Moms cabaret!!! Think of an ambient Verve Remixed - Midnight Lounge ambient vibe.. first 4 songs will be a tribute to Ms. Diana Ross! The Empire Plush Room at The York Hotel 940 Sutter Street San Francisco
415 885 2800 or visit:

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