Monday, November 07, 2005

Mamie dearest PT. II

Another inspiration of Mamie.. Remember Madonna "Bedtime Story" ?

Read Mamie Sizzling Bedtime story with her co stars .Here 's some sample

"He was very full of himself and his minor acting career, but I brought him back to my hotel room after dinner anyway and we got down to it. We necked hot and heavy, and undressed each other. I marveled at his gorgeous body as I peeled away his clothes. Until, that is, the bikini underwear came off and revealed what must have been THE WORLD'S SMALLEST PENIS! It was difficult not to laugh because it looked like a toy—just like a big one, only really teeny-tiny. I developed a headache and he had to leave, un-consummated."

Go to then Click Bedtime story

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