Sunday, November 13, 2005

Veterans of love:

"We can�t help but be grateful that bad matches don�t last forever"

The following tips may not cure heartbreak, but they will help ease the pain of ending a relationship, no matter which side you're on!

1. Don't try to be his friend.
While the option is tempting (particularly if you still want to hang on or if you�re the one trying to break it to him gently), unless you have children, there is no reason to remain friends with your ex � at least not when you first break up!

Having your ex around does nothing to help you recover emotionally or establish a new routine (two very necessary components of the post-relationship healing process), and in the end, it just drags out the pain. Think about it: when you notice the difference in the way he treats you versus when you were together, you may tend to feel hurt, or in the least, resentful. However, it's understandable and natural that once you�ve split, you are no longer his priority. So, while you may feel like some of him is better than none of him� the simple truth is, without all of him, there
's not a real relationship � and you deserve better.

2. Erase his contact info
No one is claiming that it�s easy to cut the cord. Since your ex was very likely your go to guy in times of crisis when the two of you were together, you may find you have a natural tendency to want to speak to him about this problem. But the thing is, he is the problem!! and in this case, cannot be the solution. So�??

3. Put away the mementos
I can't tell you how much time I wasted staring at his face trying to will him back to me Eventually, you�ll be able to reminisce. However, now is not the time. So nix the reminders of days gone by and get into the now. After all, the now is all you've really got. Let it be a lesson in how much you're going to enjoy the good times the next time you're having them.

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