Friday, November 11, 2005

Sonia Couling

Rememeber Sonia Couling? I think Most of my Thai friends knows her.I 've just found her profile from Am I annoying .com.

(June 18, 1974- )
Born in Bangkok, Thailand
Birth Name is Sonia Couling Lee
Star of Thai TV
Starred in 'Destiny Upside Down (Kon Puan Sai Fa)' (1998)
Modeled for L'Oreal, Haagan Daz and Clairol

Let's see Why she might be annoying

She was a VJ for MTV Asia, (1998-2000).
She said she could not live without 'Lip balm, Love, [and] Happiness.'
Her name is spelt both as Sonya and Sonia.
Her nickname is Pim.

Why she might not be annoying

She admits she is not top heavy, measurements of 31½-24-35.
She considers sex before marriage to be a necessity.

FHM chose her as number one sexiest woman in Thailand and second in Asia (1999).
She was in the 1999 FHM calendar.
Her top fell off at a Ricky Martin concert.

I think I like the last one...

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