Friday, November 04, 2005

November Star of the month "Gene Tierney"

After half a dozen increasingly important roles, mainly playing Asian beauties, she scored a huge and defining success as Laura Hunt, a hauntingly beautiful model who is believed murdered in the 1944 film noir classic “Laura.” A portrait of Tierney as Laura was a visual signature of the film, as a detective played by Dana Andrews fell in love with her enigmatic beauty as depicted in the painting (thus the comparison with the Mona Lisa).

For many people, Gene Tierney will always be Laura - the mysteriously seductive actress who played the title role in Otto Preminger's classic film noir, backed by one of the most famous movie theme tunes ever written. For the movie buff, Gene is also the principal attraction in a series of highly regarded pictures from the 1940s: 'The Ghost And Mrs Muir', 'Leave Her to Heaven', 'Son of Fury', and perhaps one or two others.

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