Saturday, February 18, 2006

Janet New single will be release on april

Jermaine Dupri told the New York Times that Janet's new album will be titled "20 Years Old."

"Her album is going to be called '20 Years Old,'" he says, "that's how long it's been since she put out 'Control.'"

He also dismissed talk of Janet's recent weight gain. "She gained that weight for an indie role," he said. When pushed for more details about that role, he said that she was supposed to play a mother in the Deep South in a film that fell through.

Although the article does not mention the film by name, it is assumed that the film being referred to is "Tennessee." It had been previously announced late last year that Janet would be starring in this film with Macaulay Culkin and Martin Henderson.

...No details about the album have been officially confirmed by Virgin Records or by Janet herself.

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