Sunday, February 19, 2006

Joan Crawford The diva PT:III

Did you know?? She like to drink.!!!
  • Later in life Crawford became a very heavy vodka drinker. She always carried a flask filled with her drink of choice, and when dining out, 100-proof Smirnoff was always awaiting her arrival (despite her meticulous ways, she liked to stir her drink with her fingers). Heaven help the waiters if they brought her anything less than 100-proof; she had become an expert on vodka, and if the drink did not meet her standards, she would scream at them to take it back.

  • Her flasks of vodka were covered with material to match all her outfits.

  • Would not even walk into a hotel room unless it had a loaf of toasted French bread and seven packs of cigarettes (three opened) waiting for her. She also liked to know in advance the exact number of steps from the elevator to her hotel room.

  • In 1946, although an Oscar nominee for Best Actress (Mildred Pierce), Joan was not present at the ceremony. She was at home in bed with the flu and a bottle of Jack Daniels bourbon. She listened to the show over the radio. When she was announced the winner, she exhaled with a scream that alerted the newsmen on the lawn below her window that she had won. Jumping out of bed, the ailing star then called for her hairdresser and makeup man, on call in the next room.

  • During her marriage to Alfred Steele, Joan always referred to Pepsi-Cola as "our child.

  • Adamantly refused to go on camera during her menstrual period.

  • Her brother Hal died of syphilis in 1963. Joan did not attend the funeral.

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