Saturday, February 18, 2006

Joan Creawford The Diva PT.II

Did you know??.......She kinda Crrrazy.!!

  • Joan had a passion for cleanliness. She never wore a dress, a hat or a coat that wasn’t sent to the cleaners instantly after wearing it. She used to wash her hands every ten minutes and couldn’t step out of the house unless she had gloves on.

  • Joan would never smoke a cigarette unless she opened the pack herself, and would never use another cigarette out of that pack if someone else had touched it.

  • She used to follow guests around her house wiping everything they touched, especially doorknobs.

  • Joan once lost a maid because she asked her to wax the tree outside her bedroom window.

  • Joan's children were not allowed out of bed at night without permission. She kept Christopher hostage in his bed with her self-styled 'sleep safe,' a harness made of heavy canvas straps. When explaining to unsuspecting visitors why her young son was tied into his bed, Crawford replied, "Oh, he likes to kick off the covers and suck his thumb.

  • When she stayed in a hotel, no matter how many stars it had, Joan always scrubbed the bathroom herself before using it. At home, after a workman had installed a new bathtub and toilet, then used them, she had the plumbing torn out and replaced immediately.

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