Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sudden Fear *** 1/2

For a San Franciscan, the rewards of watching the classic film noir "Sudden Fear" are obvious: it was made here in locations that are still recognisable. Joan Crawford's lavish Pacific Heights home on 2800 Scott Street is now the Indonesian Consulate and Gloria Grahame's Tamalpais apartment building can still be seen on 1201 Greenwich Street. But even if you have never been to San Francisco, "Sudden Fear" is great film noir, superbly acted by Crawford and co-star Jack Palance, who both received Academy Award nominations, and by Grahame, who won the Oscar that year for another movie.

"Watch Joan Crawford who could actually WALK all the way from Scott/Green to Greenwich/Hyde in high heels & a mink coat after falling down a flight of stairs and THEN run up & down the hills of San Francisco ."*

*Monica Sullivan from movie magazine international

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